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Pure Raspberry Pure Honey Kombucha Jun Product

Cridling Kombucha Pure Raspberry 250ml can

Pure Raspberry 250ml Cridling Premium Honey Kombucha Jun can.
This premium, fermented drink is made by brewing pure, Yorkshire honey, ethically sourced green tea and raspberries. It contains naturally occurring beneficial, gut friendly cultures.  All natural, nothing artificial whatsoever.


  • Product Info

    Pure Raspberry Cridling is the perfect go-to for those who like a sweet berry and those that have never tried Cridling before. It’s great at breakfast or anytime of the day and particularly loved by those who like raspberries! It really is like drinking liquid raspberries. Drink straight from the fridge.

    Every Cridling brew is a vintage. At this point you would expect us to ramble on about the undertones of elderflower or apple blossom but the truth is that Cridling is probably one of the only drinks you will ever enjoy who’s taste and colour may change slightly between seasons. As you know, honey is a natural product made by our very busy honeybees. The colour and taste of the honey will vary dependant on what forage is available to them and this has a direct impact on the drink. It really is like drinking nature.

    As we only use pure fruit, make sure you shake your Pure Raspberry can well before drinking. Don’t forget about the ‘gloop’, it’s good for you! Gloop is our term for the small live culture that develops directly from the mother culture in the original brew. This tends to disperse if the can is shaken well and you can read more about this on our About page and in our blogs. One question we’re always asking, “do you sieve or swallow?’ If you prefer, you can always pour through a tea strainer.

    As Cridling is fermented it contains a low amount of alcohol. Pure Raspberry contains 1.2%abv. Each can is equivalent to 1/3 of a UK unit of alcohol. To put this into perspective, a man can drink around 4 units of alcohol and a woman around 3 units before they are at the drink dive limit. Therefore, a man would have to consume around 12 cans within an hour, and a woman around 9 cans to be anywhere near the drink drive limit. They would then have to continue to consume at least 3 cans an hour to stay at that level.

    Having said this, Cridling is the perfect low alcohol alternative for drinking whilst out socialising. As you’re never going to drink 10 cans in an hour, you can be sure to enjoy your evening out with friends and be able to drive yourself home safely at the end of the night.

    Like it as a mixer, so do we! Why not try Pure Raspberry and Prosecco. We like an equal mix and find the raspberry sweetness lifts the prosecco taste. We won’t drink prosecco without it! We recommend pouring your Cridling through a tea strainer when mixing with prosecco, it gives a very clear, refreshing finish to the drink and ensures its ‘gloop’ free!


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