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Cridling Honeybee on ivy close-up
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Our Bees & Our Conservation

Claire Tolley in a bee suit inspecting a beehive. A comb is laid ontop and a queen has been isolated for marking.

We became beekeepers at Cridling in 2019. We now have a thriving apiary producing lots of beautiful honey to make our Cridling Honey kombucha range. We are extremely responsible beekeepers and only take the absolute excess honey from the bees to ensure they are happy, healthy and thriving.

During the warmer months honeybees swarm. This is their way of reproducing. To ensure these swarms don't become a pest we often have to collect them. Here's a swarm settling into a nucleus.

Cridling Logo Hexagons

Being passionate about the environment is nothing new for us, at Cridling we've been doing our bit for years. We have dedicated wildlife areas to support native species of plants, animals and insects. We have planted many native trees and have plans to plant a lot more. We have a nature pond we built specially to support amphibians and the endangered Greater Crested Newt. And, we have big plans for the future. Keep up to date with blogs to find out more.

Cridling Logo Hexagons
A selection of photographs taken at Cridling Park to show some of the natural surroundings and conservation work including the nature pond where ducks have settled.
Cridling Bee Art
Cridling Bee Art
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Louise, West Yorkshire

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