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Cridling -
Traditionally Brewed Kombucha made with                                             
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Do you have concerns about gut health, general health and well-being? Or are you looking for an exciting, low alcohol or alcohol free drink alternative?


Welcome to Cridling, the home of the new, all natural, gut friendly drink brewed to its optimum state of taste and live, gut friendly cultures.


Cridling is the most amazing kombucha you will ever try. All natural, made with green tea, real fruit and masses of gut friendly cultures. And, unlike some kombuchas, Cridling tastes incredible.

Cridling Traditionally Brewed Kombucha Can Flavours
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Owner of Cridling - Claire Tolley
Cridling Bee Art

Hi, I'm Claire and I have spent the last few years developing Cridling to help me take control of my own health. I absolutely believe that our whole health and well-being is associated with our digestive system.

Want to try some?

Great! Have a look at our flavours, read the descriptions and reviews and choose which ones you'd like to try.

Look out for offers and subscription discounts. Sign up to email and save 10% on your first order.

Most of all, enjoy doing something good for YOU and enjoy drinking Cridling because it's a beautiful drink.

Cridling Kombucha Drinks Range

“I have psoriasis and my my skin has cleared up massively after having only a few sips of your drinks daily, that's the only thing I've been having different recently so it must be your drinks!”

Louise, West Yorkshire

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