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Apple & Blackberry Traditionally Brewed Kombucha Product

Cridling Traditionally Brewed Apple & Blackberry Kombucha

Apple & Blackberry 250ml Cridling Traditionally Brewed Kombucha can.
Our Premium Range, Traditionally Brewed Kombucha is our newest range of drinks. This range is not made with honey and is therefore suitable for vegans.

Apple & Blackberry is the taste of the English, autumn countryside. This naturally sweet tasting drink is beautiful, delicious on a morning and delightful on an afternoon. Apple and Blackberry is a real drink with a heritage feel.

  • Traditionally Brewed Cridling Kombucha

    This is Cridling's Premium Range, Tradtionally Brewed kombucha. We brew our kombucha until it reaches its optimum level of lactic acid bacteria (gut friendly cultures), ph and taste. There are many other benefits at this level including polyphenols, B-vitamins and acetic acid. At this level the kombucha also naturally reaches a low alcohol content. If you are drinking kombucha for the health benefits, then this is the brew that will benefit you the most.

    Please don't be overly concerned about the alcohol content. Alcohol content is around 0.8-1.2%abv. To put this into persepective, 1 can of Cridling kombucha avarages at around 1/4 (one quarter) of a UK unit of alcohol. This is processed by your body is around 15 minutes. So 4 cans in an hour would equate to 1 UK unit. If a woman needed to drink 3 units of alcohol to be near the drink drive limit, she would have to drink over 12 cans in an hour and continue to drink at least 4 an hour afterwards. I don't know about any one else's bladder, but mine couldn't manage anywhere near that amount!

    We don't stop fermentation, we only slow it down. Cridling kombucha is a live drink that still contains some of the mother culture. We package it (in cans) and store it in referation to preserve the live cultures. These will naturally form a small amount of gloop culture, a jelly like substance within the drink and a small amount of sediment. This is all natural and all very good for you. If you don't like it, simply serve the drink through a tea strainer and enjoy that way. We often find it served this way in bars when part of a cocktail. 

    Cridling kombucha can be enjoyed at anytime of the day, store and drink straight from the fridge. 

    This range is suitable for vegans (does not contain any honey).


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