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What's with the 'gloop'?

Updated: Mar 2, 2023

Oh No! Did I just swallow some gloop? Ahh, yes, the 'gloop'. Maybe you did and guess what, it's going to do you a lot of good!

Hello, and welcome to our newest blog post. Today, we're covering the subject of Gloop. 'Gloop' is our term for the small, congealed mass and sediment that occurs in all true kombuchas (that is the kombuchas that are brewed naturally not just powdered ingredients mixed together and carbonated. Yes, unfortunately, this is a thing).

Gloop is split into two elements, the sediment and the small, globular mass that naturally forms.

The sediment is self explanatory. As the drink settles the sediment gently drops to the bottom of the container. We believe the gloop is formed by an interaction between the fruits used and the lactic acid bacteria. That is why we notice a difference in the gloop between flavours. The bottom line is that the lactic acid bacteria contained in Cridling is extremely beneficial for your gut and ultimately your body. (We cover the benefits of lactic acid bacteria in a number of blog posts, so please give these a read). Our advice is to shake the bottle or can really well to disperse all of these cultures and sediments back into the drink. Don't be scared of your can exploding on opening as the natural effervescence is nothing like artificial carbonation.

However, if you're really not keen, just pour your Cridling through a tea strainer and enjoy.

Cridling is bursting full of gut friendly stuff and is the ideal drink for tip-top gut health. It really is the Elixir of Life.


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