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Mind Your Mind by Creating the Right Atmosphere

Do you ever feel like you want to relax, unwind or even meditate but just can't get into the right vibe? You're not alone. Getting into the right headspace can be a real challenge and it's never been more important to mind our mind. We think about self care a lot here at Cridling, after all, that's the foundation of our business.

Did you know that the atmosphere around us, the air we breath and the feeling of space we inhabit has real energy and this energy can be altered? One natural way in which people are creating the right atmosphere to relax, meditate and unwind in is by burning natural, beeswax candles. Unlike many other types of wax, beeswax is totally natural, minimally processed and it burns clean - that's without any smoke. There is nothing artificial in any of our products and absolutely not in our candles.

We love our honeybees at Cridling, they work hard and in return we nurture them ensuring they are happy and healthy. One way of keeping them healthy and hygienic is by removing used honey comb. We replace this with wax foundation and they are more than happy to make new comb. But what do we do with the old comb? We render it down and make candles of course.

Cridling pure beeswax tealight candles have a mild hive scent, a combination of honey and sweet wax. These are more than just candles, they are high quality, all natural, sustainable, long burning tealights. As the low flame slowly melts the wax it emits a soothing and subtle, calming atmosphere making them ideal for unwinding and meditating. Each tealight burns for over 8 hours. Much longer than any other candle wax.

Cridling pure beeswax candles tealights are now available in boxes of 3 for £6.50. Why not give them a go and see how much more calmer you feel?

Other news update .... Are you looking for something a little different to listen to on your commute? Why not try the We Are Wakefield podcast Episode 10, where Claire Tolley speaks with Claire Sutherley from We Are Wakefield and Lauren Richardson from HGF. Listen on your favourite podcast provider or on the We Are Wakefield website here.

Thanks for reading and why not grab an extra 10% discount on your next order by quoting juneblog during check out.

All the best, Claire


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