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Cridling Partner with NonToxicated

Hello and welcome to our blog! Cridling is delighted to announce that we’ve partnered with NonToxicated, a world wide, alcohol free drinks community, Facebook group and app that's actually based very locally to Cridling.

Cridling and NonToxicated branding

The group focuses on low-alcohol and alcohol-free drinks, connecting brilliant brands with curious consumers in the alcohol free and grown-up soft drinks space. You can also download the NonToxicated app to browse low/non-alcohol drink options, including us! If you search for Cridling on the app, you’ll be able to look through our selection and be transferred directly to the respective page on our site. For anyone who doesn’t know: our Kombucha is an all-natural and gut-friendly low-alcohol refreshing drink. We make Cridling with real fruit, green tea, and gut-friendly cultures - so not only does it taste great, but it also keeps you feeling great as well. Our drinks are available in two ranges and 8 flavours. Both are Premium, freshly brewed kombuchas, the first is our honey-Jun range made with raw, Yorkshire honey (the majority made by our very own honeybees), and our New Traditional Brew suitable for vegans.

Cridling Kombucha Vegan Flavours showcase

Our Premium Honey Kombucha and Traditionally Brewed Kombucha are all naturally fermented to reach around 1% abv and the optimum levels of lactic acid bacteria, Polyphenols, antioxidants, enzymes, B-vitamins and acetic acid. And, watch this space for the brand new alcohol free range launching in the next few months.


We’re super excited for the new AF range as we've been busy undertaking some in depth research on traditional flavours which we're sure you're going to love.


We’re delighted to be working with NonToxicated and absolutely love that they’re as enthusiastic as we are 💕.

As an added bonus, there's a 10% discount code for Nontoxicated customers (available from the facebook group and app) that can be used together with other vouches you may have to a maximum of 20% discount - hurray!

Thanks for reading, See you next week, Claire x


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