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Exciting New Cridling kombucha Launch

Hello and welcome back to out blog! We have some amazing news to share with you: we are launching a new vegan Cridling kombucha range very soon! 🎉

We have been working hard to create some delicious and refreshing flavours that carry our unique Cridling qualities and heritage. And we are only a couple of weeks away from launch, so get ready to taste the magic!

Our new range is alcohol free (less than 0.5% ABV) and more affordable than ever. Plus, we have some exciting surprises for you: we have created some unique and authentic flavours inspired by traditional Great British ingredients. 🌿

Introducing our new flavours:

- Pear & Elderflower: a delicate and floral blend of juicy pears and fragrant elderflowers. A classic combination that will make you feel like you're in a countryside garden.

- Elderberry & Mint: a refreshing and tangy mix of ripe elderberries and fresh mint leaves. A perfect drink to relax with on an autumn evening.

- Elderberry, Elderflower & Pear: a fruity and floral fusion of elderberries, elderflowers and pears. A harmonious blend that will delight your taste buds.

- Rhubarb & Ginger: a spicy and sweet concoction of tangy rhubarb and warming organic ginger. A tribute to our location in the Rhubarb Triangle, this flavour will spice up your life.

And that's not all: we might just be sneaking in a couple of new flavours too. Stay tuned for more updates! If you'd like to hear me explain a little more about the range why not check out this reel.

All of our new flavours are made with natural ingredients and are naturally low in calories. They are also great for your gut and your body, as they contain live cultures and antioxidants. 🙌

We are so proud of our new range and we can't wait for you to try it. In the meantime, take a look at some of the new artwork for the labels, we are loving the natural vibe and we're still keeping a bee or two on there, even if there is no honey! 🐝

We will keep you posted with launch information and events closer to the time. Thank you for reading and for your support. We hope you are as excited as we are! 😊

Until next time, Claire x

PS: In the mean time, if you do want to get your hands on our Premium Cridling Honey range, use code OCT15 before the end of October '23 and get 15% off your next order.


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