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Cridling - in the News

It all seems to have gone rather crazy recently and the local press have gone a little wild for Cridling. This is great because, after all, we've been buzzing about the stuff for a long while now and it's good to see so many new customers that feel the same way.

After the original press release there was a lot of interest from journalists. In line with our launch strategy, we thought it best to stay local in the first instance and we were interviewed by the Yorkshire Evening Post and the Wakefield Express.

I worked together with some independent local journalists to discuss our amazing Cridling. The majority of this was posted online including a fabulous video made by Shawna Healey.

Wakefield First were very encouraging with their post and We Are Wakefield have welcomed Cridling with open arms, offering support and guidance. We had a full page spread in our local paper, The Pontefract and Castleford Express, which I missed. (Can you believe it?!) I am very grateful to Diane, a lovely old lady who drove herself to my home to deliver her old copy so I could read it. Thanks Diane!

Internationally, Booch News in California requested a statement regarding the the honey fraud scandal that has erupted between European and UK exporters.

And now, Cridling is listed on the Booch News Worldwide Directory of Kombucha Brewers.

We are very proud and very grateful to everyone that has supported us this far and are continuing with us on this journey. We are very excited about the next chapter for Cridling and the direction the company is headed.

Thank you for being a part of this. Thank you for staying with us on this journey. We look forward to sharing updates with you regularly and as always hearing from you.

All the best, Claire


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