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Cridling - every batch a unique vintage

Unlike mass produced beverages, Cridling is probably one of the most natural drinks you will ever try. Instead of focusing on uniformity, we focus on the diversity of flavours each brewed batch brings to our taste buds.

Hello, and welcome to our blog. This is the place where we connect and discuss what's important to us, yes - it's Cridling, our very own fermented drink made with real honey. Here at Cridling, we're really quite passionate about the stuff so if you've got a couple of minutes, join us as we discuss why every brew will have it's own natural, unique taste. We believe that's why Cridling is - the Elixir of Life.

We pride ourselves here at Cridling for brewing a truly awesome honey kombucha and that's where we'll start. You may already know that honey is the end result of a lot of hard work from honeybees collecting pollen and nectar from what ever happens to be in season. We are very fortunate as most of the honey we use is made by our very own Cridling honeybees. The honey that is produced comes in many colours, flavours and aromas. In fact the colour of honey can range from almost black to almost clear. This photograph from our friend Kt at Kt Bees, shows a good variety of honey waiting to be sampled.

As honey is the primary ingredient in Cridling it has a huge impact on the end colour and flavour. This is something we celebrate. Gone are the days when we want a box standard, same old flavoured drink made from artificial ingredients. We want to drink nature! We love the fact that there may be times you can almost taste the elder flower or apple blossom in a pure raspberry Cridling. And what is wrong with some batches of lemon and ginger being darker than others? This is all a part of nature and the goodness that nature has to offer.

Cridling is the drink of nature lovers. Let's celebrate the variations in every serving because that's what makes it amazing.

Then of course there is the fruit. We use real fruit. Not juice, not powdered, not made in a laboratory fruit substitute; real naturally grown fruit. How the fruit tastes once ripened can also vary and this can be influenced by the weather, by the soil it grows in, the geographical area and its storage conditions. These factors can also have a huge effect on how the fruit will taste and perform during the fermentation process. Again, we think this is amazing. It makes Cridling interesting and exciting. We wont add anything artificial to re-balance the taste for every batch to be exactly the same, instead we celebrate the diversity. So whether we're brewing with extra tart lemons or a different variety of blueberries, you can be sure that it's all natural and it's all good.

Enjoy your next Cridling safe in the knowledge that your really are drinking nature.


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