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Cridling - The perfect low alcohol social drink

Updated: Mar 1, 2023

We've all been there, looking forward to a great night out but also dreading drinking soft drinks. Well, heads up, there's a new drink on the town and it's a smasher! Cridling - the Mead Kombucha.

Hello, and welcome to our blog. This is the place where we can connect and discuss what's important to us, yes - it's Cridling. Not surprisingly, we love every aspect of the drink from the health benefits to the happy, fuzzy feeling we get when we drink it. So, if you've got a few minutes, stick around and join us as we discuss what is brilliant about Cridling - the low alcohol mead kombucha.

As you may have already read, Cridling is fermented in a similar way to kombucha and when anything is fermented alcohol is produced. It's unavoidable and one way of ensuring that you really are drinking the real McCoy. Cridling is brewed to be within low alcohol limits, that means it will always be at or below 1.2%abv. In real terms it means that a man would need to drink around 16 x 250ml cans in an hour to be at the drink drive limit and a woman around 12. They would then have to continue to drink 4 cans an hour to stay at that level. It's really not going to happen, so you can be safe in the knowledge that you're okay to drink Cridling all night long and still safely drive home.

Each can is around 1/4 of a UK unit of alcohol. In England, a man can drink around 4 units and a woman around 3 units to be at the drink drive limit. (Allow for variations in size and tollerance). Further information on

Now, there's another bonus to drinking Cridling whilst out. Did you know that Cridling is naturally low calorie? Well, it is. The fructose from the honey and natural sugars from the fruit is all used up in the fermentation process. For example, Lemon & Ginger comes out at 13kcals per 100ml. So now you don't have to choose between a heavy sugar load or a highly processed artificial sweetener in your drink either. Instead, you can enjoy a guilt free, naturally sweet, hip drink alternative.

What about if you're not driving home, want a tasty mixer? Bring it on.

Cridling is amazing as a alcohol drinks mixer and believe me, we've experimented quite a bit here in the name of science of course, ahem. We love it so much as a mixer, we have even made suggestions at the bottom of the product descriptions. A couple of our favourites are:

  • Pure Raspberry and Prosecco. We like an equal mix and find the raspberry sweetness lifts the prosecco taste. We won’t drink prosecco without it!

  • Lemon & Ginger with a honey whisky blend for a winter pick-me-up. We like one shot of whisky to half a can of Cridling. Try it when you’ve got a chill and see how much better you feel.

  • Dark Fruits with plain or blackcurrant gin, a real treat in a glass. We like to add the whole can in a large gin glass with fruit and ice. A real treat for the taste buds.

  • True Blueberry with vodka and a slice of lemon for a Vodka-blueberry twist. We like a full can of Cridling in a tall glass with the vodka, lemon and ice. Enjoy.

We recommend pouring your Cridling through a tea strainer when mixing with alcohol, it gives a very clear, refreshing finish to the drink and ensures its ‘gloop’ free! Why not check out our blog on gloop.

Have some of your own Cridling coctails? Brilliant! Send the recipes in and let us try them. Better still, send in a picture of you enjoying them and we'll give you a shout out when we do some mixing in The Stables.


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