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Cridling at Pontefract Liquorice Shoots & Festival '23

Hey, everyone! or should I say Oyez, Oyez, Oyez!

I'm so excited to share with you the amazing time we had at Pontefract Liquorice Festival last weekend. We had a blast and we were so honoured to have new customers come to see us at the Cridling kombucha gazebo just because they had heard all about it and wanted to experience it themselves. A really big thank you to everyone that came supported us during the weekend. 🎉

We loved meeting many new customers and sharing our passion for Cridling with them including Berti Bassett and his wife above, who were curious about our Cridling Kombucha. We got so many compliments and positive feedback especially around our unique flavours and new, eye-catching labels. I think it's fair to say the new labels really capture the essence of our brand were a big success over the weekend.😍

The live singers and bands on stage were fantastic, very talented and energetic. On Saturday the heavens opened and we had thunder and lightening which kept some away but did not dampen our spirits! The artists played some great tunes and kept us dancing happily in the rain. Big shout out to Daisy Dorothy who sang moving songs and played the guitar! Here she is modelling a can of True Blueberry Cridling.

Indigo House ended the Liquorice Shoots with style. All the band members were extremely gifted and performed with such contagious energy. In spite of the torrential rain everyone watching joined in with the singing and supported their performance. We wish them an incredibly successful future in the music industry. And thanks for the Thumbs-Up on the drinks guys, glad you enjoyed them.

The rain did not spoil it for us at all on Saturday.

In fact, it made the atmosphere even more charged and memorable. I'm glad to report that the sun did come out on Sunday and many more families were able to join in the fun. I am also happy to report that Cridling maintained a presence on stage all weekend long, Happy day, happy drinking Cridling Kombucha 🥂

Cridling Kombucha is now available in some local, Pontefract bars and for sale at The House of Ales in Pontefract Town Hall. If you missed the festival or want to stock up on your favourite flavour, you can find us there anytime. We're also working on expanding our distribution to other areas soon, so stay tuned for more updates. 🚚

It went so well, we're thinking of developing a liquorice flavoured Cridling ready for the 2024 Liquorice Festival. We think it would be a perfect match for the theme and the taste of the event. What do you think? Would you try it? Let us know in the comments below. 🙌

Thank you for reading this blog, for joining us at Pontefract Liquorice Festival and for continuing to support Cridling: the small brand that makes a big difference. We hope to see you again soon!

Claire x


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