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Pure Honey Medium 230g Jar with honey drizzler in natural environment

Cridling Pure Yorkshire Honey 230g

Introducing Cridling Pure Yorkshire Honey, straight from our very own honeybees to your table. Our dedicated Cridling bees tirelessly pollinate local forage and gather pollen and nectar to create this delicious, all-natural honey. As the seasons change, so does the flavor of our honey, reflecting the ever-changing beauty of nature. At Cridling, we believe in being respectful towards our bees and the environment, which is why we only take what the bees don't need, ensuring the sustainability and health of our hives.


Enjoy the pure, unadulterated taste of Yorkshire in every spoonful of our Cridling Pure Yorkshire Honey.


This is a medium 8oz jar of 230g of honey, it is supplied with its very own wooden honey drizzler. 


The colour, consistency and flavour will alter throughout the year to reflect the forage the bees have had available to make the honey. This means that sometimes the honey will be fairly clear and runny and sometimes the honey will be rather opaque have a soft fudge consistency. This is the beauty of real, natural honey.


Store in a cupboard not in the fridge. Crystallization is a natural process of honey. Should your honey began to cystallise, warm the jar gently in hot water and stir the honey. Eventually the crystals will melt and the honey will become runnier.


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